Picture Gallery

National Police Academy which was formerly known as central police training centre has been evolved through various phases since its establishment to a better, complex and advance form. This change is very inevitable with the changing social context.
But there lies some core values which are very eternal; the aspect can be changed but not the essence. NPA then and now focuses on the professional competency of the senior police officer trainees. Especially its focus on outdoor activity is the most. The way of giving training might be different but the goal is same as to develop physically strong and mentally sound police officers.
 Every events of the training are so memorable to each trainee as it transforms them from a civilian to a police. But unwillingly they are compelled to keep such precious moments aside but when realize the photographs are safe it evokes nostalgia along with comparison and contrast between the training of past and present through those photographs.
Therefore, the photographs available in this page show the glorious history and contemporary context of National Police Academy together.