प्रहरी कन्ट्रोल : १००, टोल फ्री नं.: १६६००१४१५१६

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) Rabindra K.C.


Rabindra K.C. was born on December 20, 1971, in Subha Gaon, Kavrepalanchowk District. He started his journey as police inspector on March 31, 1995 and subsequently enrolled in National Police Academy for basic training as esteemed alumnus of 108th batch. Rabindra K.C., son of Mr. Ganesh Bahadur K.C. and Tej Kumari K.C. has risen to prominence through his exceptional academic qualifications, extensive training, and a myriad of accolades, honors, and medals for his exemplary service to the nation. 

His pursuit of academic excellence began with his Bachelor's degree in Management in the year 1992. He got an exclusive opportunity to take part in Rural Border Patrolling and Operation Course in United State of America in 2002 A.D.  In addition, he completed his Master Degree in Political Sciences on April 14 2007. This educational background equipped him with a deep understanding of human behavior and societal dynamics, which later proved invaluable in his law enforcement career. Furthermore, he was privileged to attend courses like Investigation of Economic Offense and Law Enforcement Training for Senior Officer in friendly neighboring countries like India and China respectively. 

To become an efficient and professional police officer, he underwent rigorous and specialized training in various areas of policing. His training journey started with the Police Inspector Basic Training in 1995 A.D. Here he demonstrated outstanding competence, earning him an excellent grade in basic training. Subsequently, he pursued various courses, including Human Rights Training, Training of Trainers, Management and Development Training, Aviation Security Management, Police Management Training and Computer Fundamental Training. These managerial and technical training significantly improve his caliber and professionalism. Apart from these trainings, his participation in specialized training such as Crime Investigation, VIP Security, Disaster Readiness, Seminar on Defense Governance, Juvenile Justice, Forced labor Smuggling Control Course and Cyber Crime Investigation Training add further expertise and knowledge, making him a distinct figure in police service. On top of these decorated qualification, he achieve excellence in every courses he had attended. 

He gradually climbed up the rank with wealth of experience in every possible sectors in each designation. During his tenure as police inspector, he worked in training centers, district traffic of Hetuada and Chitwan along with a brief tenure at Police Headquarter UN section. In addition to that he had successfully completed his tenure at District Police Office, Sindhulli and Salyan during peak of Maoist insurgency. Furthermore, his stint as Deputy Superintendent of Police was even more illustrious with successful tenure at Eastern Regional Training Center, District Police Office, Kanchanpur, Achham and Parsa along with a successful tenure of highly challenging Area Police Unit of Jhapa. Respectively. His policing vision and tenacity has earned him opportunity to serve in IGP Secretariat in 6th April 2007 assisting the Police Chief. 

As he moved up the rank he garnished further experience as Superintendent of Police as he worked in Nepal Police Headquarter, National Police Academy, Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority, Junior Police Officer Training School, Research Wing of Metropolitan Police Office, Ranipokhari, Money Laundering Crime Investigation Department and PHQ Highway Security and Traffic Directorate. His notable deployment include successful stint as Office In-charge of District Police Office, Sindhupalchowk and Rautahat in 2016 and 2018 A.D. respectively. 

Subsequently, he was promoted to Senior Superintendent of Police in 2020 A.D. After that in the following year, he was posted as Joint-Director of National Police Academy later joined Nepal Police Detective Training School as the Principal. From there he took a transfer as Head of the Madesh Province Training Centre where he had shown exceptionally management and transform the center as one of the best institute in the entire nation. Because of his academic prowess and exceptionally instructional capability he had conducted many sessions as panelist and guest lecturer in Army Higher Command Training as well as Armed Police Academy. Later he joined Research Planning and Development Directorate in 13th January 2022 where he was promoted to his current post of Deputy Inspector General of Police four months later. He has been appointed as Director of National Police Academy on April 24 2023 and is continuing to this very day. 

He demonstrated exceptional professionalism and commitment during his time in United Nation Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) in the year 2004. He unwavering dedication toward security of the region, efficient management of mission and proficiency had earned him United Nation Commendation on April 14 2005. His exceptional contributions to law enforcement extended beyond the borders of Nepal. Moreover, during his tenure at United Nation Mission in Haiti (UNMIH), he was awarded the United Nations Organization Medal on May 14 2009, a recognition of his dedication to peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts on a global scale. 

Throughout his illustrious career, he has received numerous honors, medals, cash prize and awards, reflecting his dedication and contribution to law enforcement. The prestigious "Prabal Janasewa Shree Padak" bestowed upon him by the government of Nepal is a testament to his selfless service to the nation and its people. In addition to his honors, he earned two additional grades during his tenure at the District Police Office, Salyan, highlighting his exceptional leadership abilities. He received cash prize on 11 different occasions during his career. The most notable one was, when he received a cash prize from Inspector General of Police for being the best “Samadeshak” in the entire training institutes of Nepal Police in the year 2022. It is the testament to his remarkable workmanship and his vision to transform the institute into modern training center. 

His professionalism, extensive training, and an array of honors and awards are a testament to his unwavering commitment to public service and the betterment of society. This was distinctly acknowledged by Government of Nepal as he was awarded Gaddi Arohan Silver Medal and Birendra Aishworiya Service Medal on 1996 and 2001 respectively. Furthermore, he received Disaster Rescue Medal, Foreign Service Medal and Police Service Medal on various occasions for his meritorious services in different sectors of Nepal Police. Deputy Inspector General of Police Rabindra K.C. exemplifies the true essence of a dedicated law enforcement officer. Through his remarkable journey, he continues to inspire the next generation of police officers to serve their nation with utmost valor and integrity. His outstanding career and contributions have left an indelible mark on the law enforcement community and the people he serves.

An appreciable police officer whose passion for literature is as profound as his dedication to upholding the law. Beyond his stellar career in law enforcement, DIGP K.C. possesses a rich literary background, having published over 40 stories and more than 30 poems in mainstream newspapers and magazines. He is not just a dedicated police officer but also a literary luminary whose words have left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of his readers. His ability to shine in both the world of law enforcement and literature exemplifies the power of pursuing one's passions, making him a true inspiration for all aspiring writers and officers alike.