प्रहरी कन्ट्रोल : १००, टोल फ्री नं.: १६६००१४१५१६


Accommodation Facilities :

»  Female Trainee's Barracks   
»  Staff Barracks
»  Trainees officers barracks
»  Trainees senior officers cabins
»  Executive Director's Quarter
»  Dy. S.P.'s Quarters
»  Staff's Quarter

Mess Facilities :
»  Senior officer's mess
»  Junior officer's mess
»  Mess for other personnel's

Medical Facilities :
»  The academy has maintained well equipped Medical Inspection Room for the treatment of minor injuries.

Sports Facilities :
»  Facilities for a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports and games are available in the academy. The academy has tennis court, a squash court, indoor badminton court and facilities for playing basketball, football, and volleyball. Facilities for athletic training are also available.
»  The Academy has a well- equipped gymnasium hall.


Library Facilities :
»  The Academy library holds approximately 7,000 books and work papers used for the training purpose.


Communications Facilities :
»  Radio set
»  Telephone/Fax
»  Intranet
»  Internet
»  Intercom

Computer Facilities :
» The academy has established a computer center to serve the following threefold objectives:
a. In-house applications like corresponding via Internet and email.

b. Training aid to supplement training activities.

c. Impart training to Basic and In- service officers.


Other Facilities :
»  Cafeteria
»  Hosiery
»  Saloon
»  Cobbler
»  Canteen